The Islamic Da’wah Movement Youth Committee is a purpose-driven network that connects young Muslims and other young to inspire collective action and to foster an identity for Muslim youth in T&T.

One of the aims of the IDM Youth Committee is to facilitate dialogue and awareness activities relevant to Youths and the community at large.The specific format for the engagement of young people involves a series of presentations, training programmes, conferences, forums, social activities, camps and discussion panels.


The Youth Forums held by the IDNI Youth Committee represents a platform for Muslim youth throughout the island to express their views on issues in the fields of policy, national issues, youth engagement and work development. The aim of the forum is to present an opportunity for the views and opinions of Muslim youth to be heard. The IDM forums and conferences are “a n assembly of discussions” reflecting a renewed interest in Trinidadian Muslim youth community outreach efforts.


Focus sessions are elaborate and creative avenues to establish solutions to
some of the issues facing Muslim Youth of today. The sessions allow youth to
come up with major societal issues and solutions to these issues in a creative
environment free from prejudice.

Feed the

The Feed the Forgotten is an annual program done during the month of Ramadhan
inconjunction with the Bamboo Jama’ah where youth are given an opportunity to
‘give back’ to the community. Funds are raised and food is prepared and distributed to
several areas which have been forgotten by our society. Young people are given an
opportunity to meet and assist other youths in Children’s’ homes, Prisons and in
depressed areas of Society throughout Trinidad.