H.O.M.E. Workshop

Heavenly Opportunities Made Easy

Dear Brother/Sister,

 Assalamu ‘alaikum


The Islamic Da’wah Movement (IDM) and the Trinidad Muslim League (TML) wish to take the opportunity to invite you and your family to a special workshop titled H.O.M.E. (Heavenly Opportunities Made Easy) – A One-Day Workshop on Family Life.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). said: “Whoever is pleased to have his provision expanded and his life span extended, then he should keep good relations with his family.” (Bukhārī and Muslim).

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To help participants to attain Paradise through actions in the home
  • To address some of the issues which are currently threatening family life
  • To equip Muslims with practical methods of dealing with challenges in marriage and parenting
  • To provide opportunities for networking and resource sharing in building stronger families in the society

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir (Canada), who is a leading expert in the area of marriage, parenting and family issues. He is the author of the best- selling books “When Muslim Teens Rebel: Causes and Solutions” and “Family Leadership – an Obligation to Fulfill, not an Excuse to Abuse”, as well as many others.

Dr. Beshir is a regular contributor to the family section of various Muslim magazines, including Islamic Horizons, The Message, and American Muslim, and has conducted many workshops on parenting, marriage and tarbiyah in various part of the world (North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, and Malaysia).

The details of the workshop are as follows:

  • Date: Saturday January 19th 2019
  • Time: 10am – 6pm
  • Venue: TML Centre, Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph
  • Registration Cost: FREE

Since spaces are limited, we encourage you and your family to register as early as possible.

Should you require any further information, you can also contact the coordinator of our planning committee, Br. Amir Mohammed at 740-1729.

We look forward to you joining us for this special workshop and may Allah (SWT) reward you for your efforts in His way.


Idris Muhammad

Amir, I.D.M.

Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir

Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir is a leading expert in the area of parenting and family issues from an Islamic perspective, and he is the author of the best-sellers, “When Muslim Teens Rebel: Causes and Solutions” and “Family Leadership (Qawama) an Obligation to Fulfill, not an Excuse to abuse”. In addition he has co-authored many other best-selling books on family issues and parenting with his wife, among them: “Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West: an Islamic Perspective”, Muslim Teens: Today’s Worry, Tomorrow’s Hope, a Practical Islamic Parenting Guide”, “Blissful Marriage”, and “Parenting Skills based on Qur’an and Sunnah”, as well as other parenting books in Arabic. Some of their books have been translated into several languages such as French, German and Albanian and other languages.

Dr. Beshir has taught many courses on the subject of parenting in North American society with the Islamic American University. He is a regular contributor to the family section of various Muslim magazines, including Islamic Horizons, The Message, and American Muslim. He was also an advisor for the original Islam Online website’s family section. Dr. Beshir has conducted over a thousand workshops on parenting, marriage and tarbiyah matters throughout the world (North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, and Malaysia). He is the recipient of the City of Ottawa Certificate of Appreciation for 2003 for his volunteer work in the area of education. He recently founded www.familydawn.com, a comprehensive family website with a collection of articles, case studies, frequently asked questions, and resources on Islamic family matters.

• Although Dr. Beshir is an Engineer by profession, in his quest for authentic and classical Islamic knowledge, he has studied with great Islamic scholars and students of knowledge in the areas of Tafseer, Fiqh, Usool Al Fiqh, Tarbiyah and other Islamic subjects.
• During his visit to South Africa in Nov./Dec. 2015, he was interviewed by many Islamic radio stations as well as TV channels. The South African Islamic TV produced a series of seven hours of interviews on parenting and marital issues with Dr. Beshir.
• He was interviewed four times by the famous Deen Show of Chicago during 2014 and 2015.
• He has participated and led many Islamic outreach and Dawah projects as well as numerous community development initiatives on the local and national level in North America over the past 4 decades.
• He is a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars.
• He has held various elected positions with MSA, ISNA, and MAS on both national and local levels.
• He led the training and development department of the Muslim American Society (MAS) for over 6 years, and was a member for the department for 2 decades.
• He is a regular speaker at ISNA, ICNA, MSA and MAS conferences.
• He is a recipient of the Ottawa Muslim Association Volunteer award for his contribution to the Ottawa Muslim Community.
• He is a recipient of the Ottawa Muslim Circle award for his contribution to the Circle.
• He is a member of the advisory board of SIFCA, the “Shura of Islamic Family Counselors of America”.
• He is one of the founding members of HCI “Human Concern International” and served for over a decade as the vice president of HCI.

Testimonials – What Others Have Said About His Work

“Parenting is a major challenge. Islamic parenting is an even greater challenge. The work of Drs. Ekram and Rida Beshir is a major contribution in this area that is both timely and beneficial. May Allah [SWT] reward and bless them.” – Dr. Jamal Badawi

“This workshop is a must for young men and women who plan to get married, for counselors of all types and specialties, and for any professional who relies on effective relationship with people for professional success. It is essential for, not only parents, but for anyone who deals with human beings. It fulfills a great need at a level far beyond my expectations” – Late Dr Ahmad El-Kadi

“Very professional, well researched, pretty lively. Where were you 16 years ago? I wish I could start over with the knowledge I now know from your workshop” – An attendee from South Africa, Feb. 2000

“This is a very positive and informative seminar. Looking forward to reading your books and sharing them with my husband. Actually, let me state this was the best Islamic gathering I have ever attended, Thank you” – An attendee from Lansing, MI, May 2000

“I felt very good after this workshop. I’m truly grateful to Allah SWT for sending you both to us. This should be mandatory for married couples JAK” – An Attendee from Maryland, 2001

“I can’t believe that you are offering this workshop for free. I attended a workshop on the subject in one of the Universities. I paid $300 fees for one day. I got only 10% of what I learned from only the first lecture in your workshop.  Your  practical  tips  are  amazing.  You  should  charge  at  least  $500  fees  for  this  workshop.”

Attendee from Raleigh, 2002

“I never thought the day will come when I’ll receive real practical tips on how to deal with my teens. This seminar provided me with plenty of real ideas that I feel I’ll be able to use with my children. Jazakum Allah Khyaran. Please come again” –  Attendee from Sydney, Australia, March 2004

“It was very joyful experience. I learned so much more than I ever expected. An amazing and thought provoking workshop” – Attendee from Toronto, Canada, 2005

“Peaceful, interesting, inspiring, very clear, and wonderful workshop. Those speakers should be hosted by various TV Channels all over the Muslim world reach out the majority of our Muslim families and help them with their sound knowledge on family matters.”  – An attendee from Paris, France, April 2009

“Dr. Beshir is an amazing speaker. He has a great ability of engaging the audience and a wonderful and very subtle sense of humor”-  An attendee from Casablanca, Morocco. Nov 2012

“Dr. Beshir is very knowledgeable in the field of parenting and family matters. His ability of linking the verses of Qur’an and ahadeeth of Prophet Muhammad SAAW to parenting principles and techniques are amazing. A very informative lecture with many practical examples” – An attendee from Paris, France. Nov. 2012

“I wanted to email you to say a big Jazakallahkhair for everything you taught us over the weekend in Walsall. I’m still amazed by what you have taught me and honestly I have started implementing it with the madrassah children”  –  An attendee from Birmingham, England January 2014

“Super. Masha’a Allah, masha’a Allah, masha’a Allah. Amazing, I learnt a lot and will try to apply what I  learnt insha’a Allah” – An attendee from Sacramento CA 2015

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Positive Parenting Skills

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