Education and Training - Tarabiyyah 2018

Educational and Tarabiyyah Activities for 2018

Throughout the last year, 2018, we were able to provide our reoccurring Basic Islamic Course, Level 1 and our first ever ARABIC101 Course for the year. Continue browsing for our report on the Educational activities carried out for 2018!

Arabic 101 – Introduction to Qur’anic Reading (Level II)
Sep 18th – Oct 11th, 2018

There were twenty-six (26) participants at this follow-up course, which was conducted between September 18th – October 11th, 2018 at the IDM’s Office. The course was conducted weekly by Brother Zakariyyaa Ali, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30pm – 7.30pm, for four (4) weeks. The sessions covered the rules of Tajweed and provided a very interactive and 1-on-1 setting for students to benefit from.

Attendees were pleased with the course, and were grateful for the opportunity to take an important step towards improving their recitation of Qur’an.

Islam 101 – A Basic Islamic Course in Islam (Level I)

Oct 20th – Dec 8th, 2018

The Basic Islamic Course – Level I was conducted between October 20th – December 8th 2018 at the IDM’s Office on the Eastern Main Road, Curepe. The course was conducted weekly on Saturdays from 2pm – 5pm, for seven (7) weeks. Approximately forty (40) persons registered for the course, which covered topics such as Tawheed, the Articles of Faith, Pillars of Islam, Performance of Salaah and other general topics. 75% of the class graduated successfully, including five (5) Non-Muslims.

All attendees expressed satisfaction and happiness in being a part of the course, as they were able to learn and strengthen their knowledge of Islam as well as become motivated to improve their practise of Islam. The non-Muslims were able to use this knowledge to understand Islam better to share to other non-Muslims and also change any negative  misunderstandings about Muslims which are sometimes portrayed in the media.

Qiyaam ul-Lail,
Dec 15th, 2018

The IDM conducted a Qiyaam ul-Lail programme for brothers at the Bamboo Masjid on Dec. 15th 2018. The programme was well attended by more than thirty (30) brothers (between 7 – 30 years) who spent time together from Isha to Fajr the next morning. The brothers discussed the life of Prophet Isa a.s., the Islamic view on Christmas, the Spiritual Journey of Maryam a.s. as well as a study of Surah As-Saff (Chapter 61), Volume 14.

The brothers also bonded well with each during the night playing group games and midnight football.

The programme was a very beneficial one for the young brothers who remained attentive, participative and positive throughout the night.