The Islamic Da'wah Movement was formally registered under the Company's Act as a non-profit organisation in 1986.

Its history goes back however, to the early 1970’s when a small group of brothers began studying Islam under the guidance of a Muslim missionary from India. By 1975 that group established the Islamic Trust at El Socorro, San Juan. The Islamic Trust, or the “Trust” played a leading .e in subsequent years in the revival of Islamic education and training in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region. This revival was characterized by: the establishment of a library and bookstore, the publication of the monthly magarzine,

the Muslim Standard the sale of Islamic literature, the teaching of Arabic and the recitation of the Qur’an, Islamic study circles, classes, courses and youth camps, etc. These efforts have continued under the Islamic IDM as it strives to carry the message of Islam to the people of Trinidad and Tobago inspired by messages of the Qur’an such as:”Let there arise from
amongst you, a band of people calling to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. They are the ones who will successful” (Quran:3:102).



The belief of the Islamic Da’wah Movement is embodied in the first Kalimah: La ilah illa Allah , Muhammadur Rasulullah- There is no God (object of worship) except Allah and Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah.


To reacquaint Muslims
with the call and
the methodology of the
Islamic Da’wah.

To disseminate the
message of Islam to the
people of Trinidad and

To provide those who
accept the message of
Islam with sound Islamic
education and training.

To strive for the unity
of the Muslim
community in Trinidad
and Tobago .